Whole 30, Complete

Today is Whole30+1.

For 30 days, I haven’t had dairy, alcohol, grains or unnatural sugar. I always feel like people ask what I can’t have during Whole30. Here’s what I get from Whole30.

More energy
Better sleep
Clearer skin
Lower blood pressure
A better feeling about my body (I don’t feel like crap all the time)

The biggest benefit? I lost 15 pounds.

I started at 193. This morning, I weighed 178. I lost weight by simply changing what I ate. No working out. Just food. Diet has never been an important thing for me, which probably got me to the place I was before. Thankfully, I have L and great friends that supported me making this change. I feel remarkable. I haven’t felt that about my body in a long time.

It feels good!


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