UPDATE: The List 2.0


There are a few more things I can scratch off the list. 

 ✓ Drop 10 pounds

I actually dropped 15! The Whole30 really worked. I was leary, at first, but it changed the way I think about food. Read all about it here

 ✓ No beer or alcohol for 31 days

This was part of the Whole30 cleanse. I thought it would be harder. There were times when I definitely wanted a beer, but I’m glad I stayed strong and got through it.

 ✓ Build a resume tape

I finally put one together! It was a nightmare going through all of my old work. I’m my biggest critic. There’s some good stuff there, though. Every reporter and anchor has a tape. It doesn’t mean anything specific. Just good to have, in case of emergencies. 



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