The List 3.0 is Complete!

wpid-2015-01-03-14.54.49.jpg.jpegIt’s done!

I finished my next set of goals! This is the third time I’m trying the “101 in 1001” format. It’s a manageable number and decent amount of time to get goals accomplished. Each time I cross more of the list. My friend Jessica and I started this back in college. Sadly, there are a few goals from the first list that keep getting dragged into a new list.

Now that the third version is done, I’m going to take a few days and edit it down. There are some extra goals just outside the 101 that I think I can squeeze in. There are a few goals that have been dragged up from the first list that I should just let go (like learning to play the guitar).

My last list only saw 25 goals get accomplished. I need to raise that number. There are a couple of goals on the third list that can be easily crossed off once I start. It’s good to have a couple of ringers on there to get the moment going.

Each time I make a list, I try to make goals that are constructive. A lot of the financial goals in the past haven’t been fulfilled. I’m trying to keep the goals small and doable. Instead of saying I’m going to “Get in better shape,” I’ll make a goal of “Going to the gym once a week” or “Meet with a personal trainer.”

A lot of the goals are very “New Year’s Resolution-y.” By not tying them down to this year, I’m hoping to get a lot more accomplished. I hope to have The List 3.0 up soon!

What goals are you setting for yourself? Are the resolutions for the new year or for a new life?


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