Here it is! The List 3.0

Time to kick this into high gear!

I’m putting the list up and starting the clock. The list is active today, January 5, 2015 and will expire on October 2, 2017. Again, 1001 days is just less than three years. My intention is to get 41 of the goals accomplished by the end of the 1001 days. On previous list, I’ve only been about to get about 25 checked off. That changes today!

There is a lot of travel in this list. I’m in a unique part of the country that puts a lot of great sites within “weekend road trip” distance. I want to take advantage of that while I’m here. I’ve cut the financial section down to goals I think I can manage. The ultimate goal is to be debt free (credit cards, bills) and start saving. I’ve also included an “extra” section at the end where I’m going to add goals as I go along. I tried to be as specific as possible with the 101 in the list, but there may be others that pop up and I want to be sure they get logged.

Please, check out the list after the jump and tell me what you goals you are setting this year!

You may notice there are several REDACTED entries. I’m choosing not to publish those for personal or professional reasons. If the goal is accomplished, and it’s clear for me to talk about it, I’ll make a post and update the list.

Pay off $500 on my credit card
Pay off $1000 on my credit card
Pay off $2000 on my credit card
Pay off $3000 on my credit card
Pay off my credit card.
Get a credit card that earns airline miles.
Make an appointment with a financial planner.
Create a financial plan.
Start a savings account.
Become debt free (credit card, bills).
Move my 401k to my new job.
Pay off my truck.
Create a monthly budget.
Look into setting up a scholarship at SHSU.
Donate money to the SHSU Athletic Media Department.
Donate money to the SHSU Mass Comm Department.
Donate money to a charity I believe in.
Buy a bicycle.
Buy a new mattress.
Buy a new suit.
Get my concealed handgun license.
Buy a handgun.
Buy a really nice telescope and use it regularly.
Buy new tires for my truck.
Buy front grill guard for my truck.
Become a lifetime member of the SHSU Alumini Association.
Buy a GoPro.
Get new luggage and a nice overnight bag.
Buy a professional grade camera.
Go camping.
Go whitewater rafting.
Spend the night on the beach.
Go on a cruise.
Visit a friend in a state I’ve never been to.
Run in a race. (5k, half, full marathon, mud, color)
See a space launch.
Travel to a foreign country.
Experience zero gravity.
Go skydiving.
Spend two weeks in Europe.
Hike through the Smoky mountains.
Visit the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.
Visit these places. (
Take my family to Europe.
See a race at Talladega.
Take a vacation by myself.
Go to a Birmingham Barron’s game.
Go to an Atlanta Falcon’s game.
Go to an Atlanta Braves game.
Go to a Montgomery Biscuits game.
Attend a Sci-Fi convention.
Score a bowling game by hand.
Score a college baseball game.
Visit Graceland.
Practice Tai Chi
Unplug from phones, computers, social media for one weekend.
Attend a taping of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
Sit in one morning with CBS This Morning.
Complete another Whole 30.
Get a personal trainer.
Get a physical each year.
Keep my cholesterol down for a year. (and hopefully longer!)
Get my wisdom teeth removed.
Get CPR and first aid certified.
Get a massage.
Create a “go” bag for emergencies.
Interview a celebrity.
Build my personal gear collection by two items a year.
Follow a story from beginning to end. (similar to Jamie Ostroff’s Theresa Benn story)
Break a story on my own.
Become an expert in one area of journalism. (politics, govt, space, tech)
Become a member of the local EMMY chapter.
Become a member of the SPJ.
Finish my list of 20 rules of being a journalist.
Attend a workshop to better myself in my career.
Build a piece of furniture in my house.
Find a project on Pinterest I like and make it.
Fix the body damage on the Tacoma.
Complete the collection of state quarters that my grandfather gave me.
Make a list of all my friend’s and family’s birthdays and anniversaries.
Send out Christmas Cards in 2015.
Finish a coloring book.
Collect 25 quotes that inspire/give me strength.
Vote in every election I am eligible for. (municipal, state, federal)
Find a creative use for my growing collection of fortune cookie fortunes.
Write a letter to each of my parents and my brother.
Finish my short story.
Bake 3 pies from scratch.
Make a calendar for 2016 with photos taken in 2015.
Volunteer with a group that forces me to work outside my comfort zone.
Volunteer with a local animal organization.
Voice one project for
Read at least one book every three months.
Create, shoot and edit 5 videos for my website.
Develop a personal brand plan.
Develop my ‘voice’ online. (What I blog about, who my audience is)
Create a blogging schedule for
Extra – 6
Learn to ride horses.
Find a place to ride horses regularly.
Get my Alabama driver’s license and registration.
Don’t eat out for a month (outside of Whole 30).
Don’t drink alcohol for a month (outside of Whole 30).
Track my expenses for one month.

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