Making my way downtown.

wpid-20150319_101648.jpgSo, I moved to downtown Birmingham in mid-March. I love it! I have a small, one-bedroom loft with exposed brick and 80 foot ceilings (not really 80 feet). I’m close to the highway I take to work. There are convenient ramps to get on and off. I wish there were more food options, but that’s a work in progress.

It is the closest to my dream living situation. A downtown loft has been a goal of mine for years. There’s just one catch.


wpid-20150405_000850.jpgI know what you’re thinking. “Michael, you live downtown. It’s not the suburbs. It’s loud down there.” You’re right, but this noise is on a whole different level than what I’ve experienced. First, I have thin windows. I’ve already called the landlord to see what can be done as far as sealing and caulking. Right now, I have no couch and no rugs. I know those will help and I’m working on getting some. Also, to the people who ride their crotch rocket motorcycles through downtown? You are not cool. Those things sound hideous and damn near knock things off the wall in my place. Please, take your overgrown children’s toy and go play somewhere else.

Outside of boarding up the windows, what else can I do? I’m calling on the hive mind! Have you lived in a noisy place? What did you do to keep some of the noise out? I know I’ll never eliminate all of the noise. That’s not what I’m looking for. I just want to cut it down a bit. At this point, it’s hard to watch TV in my living room without having to turn it up so loud that when the traffic dies down, I feel like a crazy person.


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