I forgot about this

It’s pretty apparent that I forgot about my website. The last post was on September 11, 2015! (Check it out) This is the story of my life, always forgetting something. I’ve felt the urge to write, so maybe I’ll use this space that I pay for each year more often (no promises).

I do have one thing to cross off the #101in1001!

Buy a GoPro

GoproI got one for Christmas from my parents! I haven’t really used yet. Hoping to get out this weekend and try it out. Need to get a few more accessories for it, too.

I did make a video for my friend Shel’s class at Texas A&M. I usually speak each year about being a reporter. I tried to do my best “YouTuber” impression. It’s really hard!

I won’t be sharing the video here. It wasn’t the best quality. Despite shooting and editing video for a living, I struggled HARD with putting it together.

Not my finest moment as a video journalist.

Beyond that, I’ve actually got a personal trainer and have been going twice a week for almost three months! Starting to make some pretty substantial progress, including deadlifting 275 lbs! (Check out the video here!)

It was a pretty proud moment for my trainer, Lia.

I’m working on some other stuff as summer approaches. Hope to update this more frequently!


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