Talladega, baby!

I’ve lived in Alabama almost two years. In that time, there have been two NASCAR races at Talladega SuperSpeedway. I told myself I wouldn’t leave this state without seeing a race. I even put it on the 101 in 1,001 list!

download_20160501_095235-2All that was to say, I went to ‘Dega, baby!

Some friends from work joined me and it was, honestly, an incredible time. We tailgated a little in the parking lot. There are campgrounds around the racetrack. People spend the entire week camping before the race. It’s sort of crazy.

Of course, we had to dress the part. It is Talladega, after all. Seriously, though, you could wear whatever you want to the race. You’ll see it all there. Rednecks, normal people, preppy guys in khakis and boat shoes. There is one thing that you will want to either buy or bring with you:


IMG_20160501_103755Y’all. It is ridiculously loud. The sound is like I’ve nothing I’ve heard. Just absolutely deafening. You wouldn’t think that sitting as high up as we were, it would be that loud. It was. The race, itself, was pretty damn interesting. Yes, they’re going in a circle. But the jockeying for position is actually fun to watch. That, and the crashes.

The crashes are pretty spectacular.

Everyone who crashed was not severely injured. The crashes looked worse than they actually were. For a place that only hosts two main events a year, the SuperSpeedway looks great. There are a few events during the summer that they host. Concerts and such.

But, the races are the real deal!

Also, we saw a shaved bigfoot!


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